Remi Wide Width Stretch Elastic Sandal

Regular price $44.95 Sale price $39.95
In the dance of symbols, where luck and love entwine,
A gift, a wishbone, a treasure so divine.
Enter the realm of Remi Wide, a sandal so sweet,
crafted from soft stretch elastic, a wish under your feet.

Vegan leather backstrap, a touch of care,
cushioned padding, softness in the air.
Flexible rubber bottom, a poetry of steps,
in Remi's embrace, each stride begets.
For luck, potential, and love entwined,
step into Remi, where elegance is defined.

Comfy, easy, strappy charm's delight,
pairs with style, outfits take flight!

Available in: Black, White, or Praline Elastic Stretch
Wide Width
Slip-On Ease
Vegan Leather Backstrap
Cushioned Insole
1" Rubber Non-Skid Unit Bottom


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