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In the summer of 1969, two brothers from a small island in Denmark saw their American dream realized when Impo International officially opened its doors for business.

The company had gotten its humble start by importing a few Danish clogs from their fathers wooden shoe factory in Denmark and had quickly grown to become the largest importer of clogs in the United States.

Over the years the company evolved and has produced all types of footwear, from macramé sandals in the 1970’s, to fashion kidskin, snakeskin and eel skin footwear in the 1980’s, to becoming a leader in fashion dress sandals, shoes and boots.

Today Impo International is a world-class footwear company which designs and produces women’s dress sandals, shoes and boots for major retailers, independents and footwear companies internationally. Impo has been involved in the production of footwear, both for its well-known Impo branded line and on behalf of its many private label customers, all over the world.

From the very beginning the emphasis at Impo has been on providing quality fashion footwear to our customers with the highest level of customer service possible. From fashion design to production and at each step along the way, quality and fit have remained top priorities for the company.

The corporate headquarters is located on the Central Coast of California and the one requirement to work there that stands above the rest is that you have to love both shoes and customers. It’s no secret that the most important part of any organization is its people and this is where Impo really shines with its loyal and dedicated staff. Their commitment to quality and service is evident in every part of the company and makes Impo truly unique.


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